Green Cleaning

We believe that a clean house or office is not complete without healthy living plants to make an attractive and welcoming setting for your home and business. I have a variety of foliage plants and different sizes; from the small plants for a dish garden to large trees for interior landscaping. Plants enhance the attractive color and textures in your home and office and leasing plants is a great way to beautify your home and your business. Plants provide natural beauty
A budget wise landscaping for hotels and restaurant, I will mix the most beautiful silk with the bright and healthy pothos for elegance and a more healthy air.
$95 .00/Month will give the perfect package for your small office, including 3 tabletop plants, 3 small floor plants and 2 large floor plants. This package includes plant watering, maintenance, care, replacement, and cleaning.

A $125.00 package will give you 2 tabletop plants, 1 small floor plant and 1 large floor plant. All plants include containers; the perfect package for a medium size office. This package includes plant watering, maintenance, care, replacement and cleaning.

Condo and Houses Services
Snowbird Services
Monthly Inspections of Property inside and Out
Flush Toilets and Check all Plumbing for Leaks
Change A/C Filter as needed (to be provided by client or can be purchased at cost plus service)\
House Cleaning Services (Once prior to arrival and once after Leaving)
Clean Linens on beds and clean towels in restrooms
Check for Pests and Rodent Droppings
Adjust Thermostat
Cleaning Services
Linen, Towels, curtains laundering
Carpet Cleaning
Area Rug and Drapery Cleaning Services
Airport pick-up and drop-off services from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) AND Palm Beach Airport (PBI)
Grocery shopping
Weekly condo inspections
Security checks of windows and doors, appliance and plumbing testing, air conditioning, A/C filter replacement, plant care, watering, removing unwanted flyers/newspapers,
Monthly email or US Mail report to owners with photos
Concierge Services: supervise vendors, accept deliveries, shop for groceries, etc.- $25.00/hour
Vacation Service, includes daily visits to your home or condo up to one week (seven days….$250.00. Extended vacation service available upon request.

Building Lobby, Entrance, Walkways, Social Room Areas
Cleaning interior / exterior glass in the entrance
Cleaning and polishing elevators including tracks
Washing interior hallway windows and window frames
Sweeping and mopping stairwells and common area hard surfaces
Wiping down handrails
Cleaning and organizing pool and meeting room areas
Dusting horizontal surfaces
High dust entire building to remove cobwebs
Disinfecting and cleaning restrooms
Replenishing paper and soap dispensers
Throwing out trash and replacing waste basket liners
Vacuuming carpets and door mats
Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher and exit signs
Wiping down mailroom and removing junk mail and debris
Wiping down and cleaning laundry room machines and filters
Cleaning mechanical and storage rooms
Clean all entrance glass doors
Clean kitchen area sink and counters
Remove all trash and line trash cans
Dust all furniture
Clean all floors in the appropriate manner
Spot clean mirrors,
Full clean weekly
Clean all elevator doors, walls, tracks and floors
Dust wall fixtures and window frames weekly

Resident Floor Areas
Clean all interior hall glass windows
Clean elevator doors and tracks
Clean all floors and walkways
Sweep and mop stairways, dust railings, remove cob webs
Clean trash room – chute door, and floor
Dust light and wall fixtures removing cob webs

Clubhouse Main Entrance, Lobby, Corridors
Clean entrance glass doors
Dust mop damp mop marble floors with neutral cleaner using a fiberglass mop to avoid damage to wood and marble floors
Wipe clean tables and stone counters using neutral cleaner
Clean elevator doors, floor, walls and tracks
Polish metal
Remove trash and line trash cans as needed
Spot clean interior glass partitions
Dust all woodwork with non-scratch feather dusters
Dust ceiling areas, lights, a/c vents, window frames and wall fixtures
Clean locker restrooms
Locker Rooms and Restrooms
Sweep / mop floors with germicidal detergent using fiberglass mops to avoid damage to wood and marble floors
Clean all surfaces of basins, bowl and urinals with germicidal detergent
Spot clean all walls, fixtures and partitions
Clean and refill restroom dispensers with supplies provided by customer
Empty and reline sanitary napkin receptacles provided by customer
Clean mirrors and all chrome and brass fixtures
Remove trash, reline cans as needed
Completely clean shower area and shower doors top to bottom using germicidal detergent
Wipe clean and sweep sauna
Vacuum carpeted areas using protective vacuum guards, to avoid damaging wood and tile baseboards
Bleach clean all shower areas and drains, to prevent mildew build-up
Our housekeeping standards allow us to maintain the cleanliness of your luxury residential property, performs routine cleaning as directed, including, but not limited to, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing, use ladders to dust and wash walls, clean ceilings and dust and polish light fixtures, moves cabinets, boxes, furniture, crates and equipment to clean areas, removes stains from surfaces as rugs, drapes, walls, and floors using chemicals and cleaning solutions, cleans hallways and common floor areas, including elevators, cleans all public space and administrative office area, monitors common area for debris; assists in keeping grounds neat and free of litter, prepares breakfast buffet and attends to clients, delivers linen and supplies to all storage rooms, maintains clean and organized storage areas, removes trash from public receptacles, performs any general cleaning duties as needed, reports maintenance problems to property manager and any suspicious activities to security, perform additional duties as assigned

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